History of Western Music IV, 1850 to Present


Table of Contents

Music Listening Assignments

Please see the index page for a summary listing of all the titles of music listening assignments.

Weekly Writing Assignments

  1. Due by the start of the first class each week
  2. 1–2 pp. double-spaced
  3. Summarize key points from previous week, answer question (if given) or write free reflection on music and readings for coming week


  1. Group research project
    1. Written briefing (group grade)

      Outline of topic, description of problem and question for discussion, bibliography, assigned reading and listening for rest of class (1 primary source, 1 scholarly article or chapter, 1 music example)

    2. Present and lead discussion (group grade)
  2. Summary and response essay with feedback for improving roundtables (indiv. grade)


  1. Midterms (2)
    1. Listening identification
    2. Short definitions of terms, people, places, concepts
    3. Short essay(s)
  2. Final exam
    1. Listening identification and brief analysis, some with scores
    2. Definitions of terms, etc.
    3. Short essays (focused on technical knowledge)
    4. Longer essay (focused on critical thinking and synthesizing knowledge)

Group Performance Presentation

Form a small ensemble and perform your own arrangement of music related to the course with a brief introduction, as though for a general-public audience


  1. Proposal: Concept of group, selection of music, plan for arranging, rehearsal schedule (group grade)
  2. Presentation/performance (group grade)

Research Paper

  1. Proposal
    1. Description of topic
    2. Bibliography of three scholarly articles or books
  2. Literature review and introduction
    1. Prose annotated bibliographic essay based on at least five sources
    2. Draft introduction of paper with outline of topic and central argument
  3. Full draft
    1. Around 1800 words
    2. Including full information for all citations in proper Chicago style
  4. Final revision
    1. Responding to feedback on draft
  5. Mini-presentation, poster, or other summary to share with class TBD